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About Hangzhou Tongji Hospital Hangzhou Tongji Hospital, with 40 years treatment experience in scleroderma field, is the pioneer in this field. Tongji Hospital is very proud of its outstanding scleroderma experts group. The group, headed by professor Huang Jizong, discovered and improved the famous "thoracic duct lymph drainage surgery", which has shown great curative effect on scleroderma, Reynard’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus and other autoimmune diseases for 40 years.
    As the successor of professor Huang Jizong, physician Wang Jinsong, went on working hard and accumulating Huang’s achievement. And at the same time he carried on bold innovation, and by improving the surgical method and drug selection, successfully diminished the incision, shortened the operation time by more than 50%, and has eventually improved the overall therapeutic effect.... [Read more]
Hangzhou Tongji Hospital Hangzhou Tongji Hospital
Team Of Experts
Huang Jizong

Huang Jizong Senior Doctor

the founder of thoracic duct drainage surgery

expert in:

Systemic Scleroderma, Raynaud's Disease, Limited Sclerosis, Morphea… [details]

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Tang Xueceng

Tang Xueceng Deputy Senior Doctor

Thoracic Duct Drainage Surgeon

expert in:

traditional Chinese medicine treatment for Systemic Scleroderma, Raynaud's disease, Limited Scleroderma...[details]

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Wang Jinsong

Wang Jinsong Attending Physician

Scleroderma Surgeon

expert in:

Raynaud's disease, Scleroderma, Systemic Sclerosis, Limited Scleroderma[details]

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Qiang Yu

Qiang Yu Deputy Senior Doctor

thoracic Duct Drainage Surgeon

expert in:

connective tissue disease, Raynaud's disease, Scleroderma, Limited Scleroderma[details]

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 Li Songlin

Li Songlin senior doctor

The head of the surgical department of Hangzhou Third People's Hospital

expert in:

Various surgery, Raynaud's disease, Systemic Scleroderma[details]

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Wang Yixin

Wang Yixin Senior Doctor

the first senior doctor in Hangzhou

expert in :

Scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, myocarditis, rheumatoid pericarditis, and other rheumatic immunologic[details]

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Feature Technology
01、Small surgical wound
Left supraclavicular local anesthesia, insert the 1.5mm thoracic duct, drainage of necrosis lymph
02、Short course
The drainage course lasts for 1 week, fast wound healing, discharge from hospital in 7-10 days after surgery
03、Not easy to relapse
Postoperative patients could supplemented by drug treatment to prevent relapse and make the effect more permanent
04、Painless minimally invasive
Doctors from Tongji Hospital do surgery for tens of thousands of scleroderma patients at home and abroad to help them recover skin elasticity and luster
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